About Us

  • Where did Lynn and Hugh meet?
    • A gay disco in Magaluf in 1987.
    • On the balcony at the back of the BBC bar in 1999.
    • At a Nirvana gig in Slough in 1993.
    Correct Answer
    The answer is B
    They were testing games for the in-house Entertainment Department. They subsequently worked together on the BBC One pilot for Friends Like These .
  • Why did they start the company?
    • No one else would work with them.
    • They’d always wanted to be CEOs of a billion dollar FTSE conglomerate.
    • They thought if they didn’t grasp the chance now, they never would.
    Correct Answer
    The answer is C
    Hugh has a huge back catalogue of quiz ideas in his drawer and Lynn thought they should be dusted off, sprinkled with glitter and given a real and proper life.
  • What would they like Mighty to achieve?
    • A minimum of 25 BAFTAS by 2025.
    • To be a lovely place to work, that makes brilliant programmes and only employs nice people.
    • Very little really. They intend to blow all their investment money on shoes.
    Correct Answer
    The answer is B
    Lynn and Hugh’s mission is to work with people who are brilliant but most importantly warm and compassionate.
  • What is Lynn and Hugh’s working relationship like?
    • Lynn hires and Hugh fires.
    • They don’t actually speak to each other anymore. Lynn and Hugh fell out over a particular divisive Miley Cyrus question used in series two of !mpossible
    • Hugh brings a vast multitude of grey brain cells to the party and Lynn brings a popping champagne bottle of bubbling personality and sparkly joy.
    Correct Answer
    The answer is C
    They are the perfect Ying and Yang combo.
  • What’s the most successful thing they’ve collaborated on?
    • They do a shiver inducing version of Fairytale of New York at the office Christmas party.
    • Tipping Point - Over 574 episodes on ITV and still counting.
    • They once won their local pub quiz ten times in a row.
    Correct Answer
    The answer is B
    And that figure doesn’t even include the celebrity episodes.